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A sale at the Shoe Carnival

August 27th, 2011 · 1 Comment · bridget

Evidentially, Bridget figured out how to switch her CD player to “radio”…

She came in while I was changing Abby and the following conversation ensued.

B: “Um. I was listening to the radio and they were saying all this stuff about school supplies.. and there is a sale at the shoe carnival!”
Me: “Well, Your teacher says that the only thing you need to bring to school is a backpack. And you already have shoes.”
B: “Yea. Okay. Right.” (exit)

A few minutes later, she’s back.
B: “Mom they were saying something about a race… and the winner gets to go to South America or something.”
Me: “Wow. I doubt its a kids race though.”
B: “I’ve never been to South America. Have I?”
Me: “No you haven’t”
B: “Bye, I gotta go listen again” (exit)

From the other room…
B: “MOM, You’ve got to listen to this!”

Ha.ha. Oh dear. My child is getting big.  I’m glad that the radio can be so fascinating to her.


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