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Conversations with a toddler, VIII

January 11th, 2012 · 1 Comment · a day in the life, dave, spencer

Its been more than 2 years since my last “Conversations with a Toddler” post. Once upon a time they were a pretty popular read, and I still LOVE going back and looking at all the silly things that Bridget used to say.

Well, now Spencer is staying all kinds of funny stuff… and I simply must record some of it!!

For those interested, here is a link where you can find past “Conversations with a Toddler” posts:

Now… Spencer’s debut!

Dad is my Boy
T: I love you! Thanks for being my boy!
S: Sorry mom. Dad is my boy.
T: But YOU can be my boy, right?
S: No. DAD is my boy
T: Right. Dad is your boy, and you are my boy!
S: No mom. Sorry mom.
T: Well, can I at least be your girl?
S: No. Girls can’t be boys.
T: Oh, So I can just be your mom then?
S: Yea. That’s it. You are my mom.
T: Thanks. I love you! Sleep good.
S: Am love you too!

The drain in my mouth
S: Mom! My cough drop is gone.
T: Uh-oh. Did you lose it? Swallow it? Where did it go?
S: It go-ed down the drain in my mouth.
T: Ah. So you swallowed it?
S: Yea. Am swallowed it, down, down in the drain in my mouth.

The rock in my nose
T: Spencer, you need to get a tissue. You have a big ‘ol snot bug.
S: No mom. Him lives there!
T: Who lives there? In your nose?
S: That snot bug. Him lives on the rock in my nose.

Boys Pee outside
S: Me and Dad are boys. Means we can pee outside.
T: Yep. That’s true.
S: You are a girl. You can’t pee outside.
T: Aww! Really? (acting terribly disappointed)
S: Really mom, only boys can.
T: What if I am camping then can I pee outside?
S: No. Can’t.
T: Well, what if I’m camping and I need to go potty?
S: You not a boy mom!
  Dave whispering “Tell her she can squat by a tree. That’s different than peeing outside.”
S: You can squat by tree mom. That different. Its different.
T: Oh. I see. Are you sure I can’t pee outside?
S: Yea. …long pause… Sorry Mom. Sorry.

What means words?
T: Man, you sure are getting big. Who said you could get bigger?
S: Dad did.
T: Dad said you could get bigger? I’m gonna have to have some words with him.
S: What means words?
T: It means I need to talk to him about letting you get bigger, because I think you should stay little.
S: Am 3. On my next birthday am will be 4, and am will go to school like Bridget.
T: You are just going to keep growing aren’t you?
S: Yep. Am are.



Dave teaches the 11-year old scouts at Church so when you ask Spencer what he wants to be when he grows up he responds as follows:
D: Spencer, what do you want to be when you grow up?
S: A Scout!

He tends to say “am” when referring to himself. Some examples of things he says:
S: “Am done did it”
S: “Am are big”
S: “Am just… ”



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