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Bridget’s iPad

January 27th, 2011 · 2 Comments · bridget, dave, random, uncategorized

Dave got himself an iPad a couple of months ago. He loves it. And, even though she doesn’t get to use it very often, Bridget loves it too…

She loves it so much, that she decided one day that she needed her own. Since I lovingly informed her that we would not be buying one for her, she set out to MAKE her own. And that is precisely what she did. It comes complete with a black “leather” case, an Apple logo, and a power button. The case also features a velcro closure. Inside she drew a screen, with a game in progress, and icons to launch other games.

She loves her iPad and (surprisingly) plays with it pretty frequently.

I’m glad she has an active imagination!!


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  • Sandra

    how cute.

  • Murray Castro

    Thin, but substantial enough that I think it adds some protection from bumps and minor drops. It fits very well, with the proper cutouts for all side buttons. The magnetic cover both holds it closed to protect the screen and activates the Nexus 7 screen when opened. The magnet doesn’t turn the screen off when flipped flat behind the tablet (like I’ve read about some other cases). When I’ve folded it into a triangle stand behind the Nexus, there have been a few times when if I shifted how I had it propped, the magnetic cover triggered the screen switch, but it’s been infrequent so far.

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