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VcR or BuSt!

December 10th, 2007 · 2 Comments · college life, the hottest girls at USU

My sophomore year at Utah State, I moved into Cobble Creek apartments.

These were my roommates:
The Hottest Girls at USU!

Right from the beginning it was obvious that we were all a bit crazy and that we would get along great! (Even today we are still all great friends.)

One night, in the middle of the night. . . When all great college ideas come. . .
We had this idea. I don’t really remember who came up with it. But oh, was it a good idea. Maybe.

Anyway. We didn’t have a VCR. And back then there were still plenty of things we owned on VHS tape. We needed a VCR. Desperately. But, rather than just going out and purchasing one – like any other normal or respectable person would do – we decided to hold a fund raiser instead.

We decided to have some sort of party-like activity. Something that would not only raise money for our VCR, but it would allow us to get out and meet a few new people. We named the event “VcR or BuSt!” By morning we had several hundred fliers printed and the following afternoon we were busy distributing them. It wasn’t enough to just tape them to doors either. . . wherever possible we physically handed out the papers and introduced ourselves.

We were young. And crazy. And out of control. And we knew it. But we didn’t care.

We just went about our business passing out these fliers:
VcR or bUsT flier

There was just one minor problem with the flier (besides the fact the ‘funness’ isn’t a word). Did you notice the line: “Don’t miss the hottest girls @ USU”? Well, first you have to remember that we made this flier in the middle of the night. And at that time of day everything is a good idea. We started talking the next morning. . . So what if people come and say, ‘So where are the Hottest Girls at USU?’. . . we hadn’t thought of that. We figured that if they asked we would just say that they hadn’t shown up yet.

The party started at 8:00. And at first it was pretty lame. By around 9:00 though our apartment was hopping. There were people filling our living room and kitchen and groups of people out our door on the balcony. That’s when the fun began!

Let me explain the activities listed on the flier. I know you’re curious.

Kissing Booth
This was Amanda’s job. She volunteered. Though she soon became tired of the job and quit. Kisses cost between $1 and $5 dollars (depending on how attractive the guy was), and they length of the kiss also varied greatly. I think she got 2 or 3 kisses in before calling it quits.

Exotic Baked Treats
These were Rice Krispie Treats made with Fruity Pebbles. And other such “exotic” things.

Human Hot Fudge Sundaes
This was the HIGHLIGHT of the evening. Michelle and one of her good friends dressed in tank tops and shorts and people paid $1 to squirt them with ice cream toppings. It was kind of crazy how popular it was. Several people came back for second and third rounds.

Petting Zoo
Don’t ask. This was not the highlight. Just imagine a bunch of stuffed animals piled on a bed with some sort of wild animal soundtrack playing in the background. And there you have it. A petting zoo.

Raffle Prizes
We had a Zebra-print inflatable chair that someone got for signing up for a free checking account at Zion’s bank. That was the raffle prize. No one entered the raffle. We kept the chair. I have no idea where it is now.

Pumpkin Carving contest
Yea, this didn’t happen either. I don’t think we even bothered to buy pumpkins.

Live Exotic Fish
Also known as goldfish. 10 cent fish + 50 cent glass jar from D.I. and a small piece of raffia = Exotic Fish for sale. $2.50 each. We had five or six of them. We sold all of them. And we witnessed the death of one of them as someone threw it off the balcony outside our apartment. That wasn’t funny.

Live Music
Our neighbor came over and played his guitar for awhile. He got free exotic baked treats.

Go ahead. Dance. There was music, right. No one danced.

Fish Pond
Carrie had a test the next day, so she sat in the bathtub with a pile of blankets and her textbooks and attached a 10 cent prize to the end of the fairy-wand fishing pole whenever anyone threw it over.

Coupons for a ‘floor to ceiling shine’
I think we had one taker for this. Amanda and Michelle’s idea. For $15 (I think) they offered to clean the apartment of whomever purchased the coupon.

Low Cost Massages
$5 shoulder massages. No, we weren’t certified or qualified massage therapists. A couple of takers here.

For those of you that missed it. Aren’t you sad? When all was said and done we made about $63. We bought a VCR. And for the next few days we laughed at ourselves. We laughed loud. We were pretty hideous. And we said, “We ARE the Hottest Girls at USU!” Perhaps it was conceded or immature. . . but it worked for us.

And thus we were for evermore the self-proclaimed ‘Hottest Girls at USU!’


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  • Amanda

    Well, I am one of the origional hottest girls at USU, and tina, this was hilareous, I laughed so hard I almost peed. PS> just for the record I kissed one guy in the booth, he was a sicko (like most people are that pay to get kissed) and the next guy was just ugly, so I called it Quits!!

  • Michelle

    HOW HILARIOUS!!! This is the best thing I have heard…or should I say read about… in weeks :o) Thanks for this…I am going to print this off and add it to my journal!!! You are the greatest and quite the story teller :o)

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