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Potty Talk, Volume V

April 17th, 2008 · 8 Comments · a day in the life, bridget

Bridget is getting better at being able to control her bladder and her bowels. And the PEZ dispenser prize chart was working pretty well for awhile. She was going about a week to a week and a half without an accident.

But then she started regressing something serious – on the order of an accident a day for 3 days, then a day or two dry and we begin again. The only good news is that accidents usually only involve a small leak in her underwear now. We don’t have too many puddle accidents anymore. And she stays dry at night – that’s good.

She filled up one potty chart, and we started another. The sad faces represent days where she had accidents.

She has gotten 3 PEZ dispensers so far, but its been several weeks since she’s earned the latest one. Wilber Robinson has been hanging on the back of the bathroom door for the past three weeks.
Linguini – 2/29/08

Mater – 3/16/08

Shrek – 3/26/08

There was one day that was pretty hard. She had some sort of diarrhea that she couldn’t control. She went through 6 pair of underwear and a pull-up in about 2 hours one night. She had a couple of stars toward her goal that week, and I didn’t want to punish her for being sick with diarrhea – but how do you really explain to a toddler that this doesn’t really count as an accident?? Do you see where I am coming from? Anyway, I ended up neither counting that day toward her goal or against it.

Since then though, she’s had a rough time keeping dry for any real length of time.

ALSO, last Friday she decided that it would be a good idea to pee in a bucket in her bedroom. She came out naked from the waist down, so we put her on the toilet – later to find out that she’d already gone potty in a pink plastic Easter bucket. Argh! She did it twice again on Sunday – one of them even included a #2. The most recent time (Sunday evening) she peed in a small plastic drawer that belongs in her play kitchen. She tried to dump it out in the sink by herself before coming to tell me. Of course that meant that we had some carpet cleaning to do too. Have any of your kids done anything like this? Its disgusting, and its driving me nuts.

In summary, I think that while she has more control over her bladder/bowels, she is also more careless (or perhaps overly confident). I typically don’t have to tell her to go potty anymore – she’ll just do that on her own. I guess you could say that the progress is slow, but improving overall.


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  • Amber Meadows

    Hey Tina, we went through the potty chart with Pez dispenser rewards too! Andrew wasn’t potty trained by the end of it, but I think it at least taught him what he should be doing. As for peeing in the bucket, all I can say is that I had a great grandma who did that on purpose. For some reason she didn’t believe in toilets – something about wanting to be a pioneer I think.

  • Kellee

    I’m sorry your pain is funny to me, but it is. I don’t think my kids will play with her kitchen again if I tell them she peed in it :) I don’t have many accident stories because we found a really great way to potty train…a book called “Potty training in one day” (I think). We only had accidents in the middle of the night with Chris and only a handful of accidents total with the girls if they didn’t want to stop playing. It’s a great book but you have to do it this way the first time for it to work I would think (too late to be any help for Brigette). I won’t take up space here to describe it, but it’s simple except you dedicate one whole day to nothing else but potty training.

  • Sandra

    Tina just so you know I have some extra buckets if you need them. HA HA HA :) Good luck!

  • Emily

    Its times like this that I am glad I’m not potty training right now, but then it makes me sad to see what my future holds!

  • Tina

    These were some really funny comments. You all made me smile. Its such a weird topic of conversation for a blog post – and and really annoying part of parenting, but what do you do?

    Sandra, I’ll send Bridget down for some buckets – better yours than mine.

    Kellee, Did I forget to mention that I ran the peed in buckets through my dishwasher?? lol.

  • Hilarie

    I can’t believe she’s peed in buckets!! That is so funny! Well….funny for me at least I’m sure it’s not quite as funny being the person cleaning it up.

    Kambree’s been pretty good however she’ll still have a little accident now and then. Before too long I’ll have to potty train Konnor…ugh

  • Raelynn

    She’s so cute! And potty training is one hard task. Hope all goes well. and the pez characters are fun, she seems to love them!

  • Jared

    I believe it was my brother who (as told by my parents) while being potty trained was known to “go” in the big plant that was in our family room, rather than heading to the bathroom.

    …my parents no longer own this plant.

    This may be of no help to you (since I think these are primarily an aid for potty-training boys), but when we were tikes, my parents found the awesome things call (I am not making this up) “Whizzers”. ( . Doing google sesarch I just found a more modern version called “Sinkems” (not nearly as funny of a name). ( Basically it turned going potty into a game of target practice…heck, I may order some for myself now.

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