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May 26th, 2008 · 3 Comments · dave

Tina pointed out to me the other day that I haven’t ever made a post about my new scooter.

Scooter at store before purchase

I typically drive a dark blue 1996 Ford Explorer XLT. It gets about 15 MPG and has a trailer hitch. I love SUVs in that I can haul people, things, and trailers. Gas prices, though, have caused me to rethink my love.

A couple of months ago, one of my co-workers (Adam) at DuPont was pointing out that he saw some scooters on for $950. The company was based out of Roy and sells various kinds of boy-toys, among them, scooters.

Other conversations led us to discuss how other companies sell scooters for 2-3 thousand dollars, and so comparatively, a scooter at this price is outstanding. The thing only needs to last one-third to one-half as long as the expensive models to justify the cost.

Also, regarding justification, I cranked out the math. If the scooter gets 80 MPG, gas costs $4 per gallon, I drive 300 miles a month, wear & tear on the Explorer + gas is roughly $0.50 per mile, etc. I would need to drive the scooter for 8 months for it to pay for itself in cost savings (That included tax, title, and registration). If I drove more, it would pay for itself even quicker (5 months if I drove 500 miles per month). Fortunately, I only live 1.3 miles from work and don’t drive much anyway.

I am now the proud owner of a 2006 SunL SL150-12B. It is a 150cc, 4 stroke, air-cooled engine. Max speed is 59 mph, although I’ve only seen it do 52. I imagine 59 would be downhill with a tail wind.

Bridget loves putting on my helmet. I used my old Arctic Cat helmet since I don’t own a snowmobile anymore (that’s a post for another day) and the colors match. Here’s some pictures of her wearing it.

Bridget wearing Dave's Helmet

Bridget wearing Dave's Helmet

Note the gang sign.

Bridget wearing Dave's Helmet

I wouldn’t typically have gotten this bright green color. I personally think that scooter drivers look like fags driving around. Since I don’t have to defend my manliness and want very badly to be seen by other drivers, I was okay getting something so bright. People can think what they may, I’m thinking 80 MPG as I drive around. It just makes me want to groan, “Man! 5 dollars to fill up my tank this time! This is out of control!” I’ll do it overly loud, too, so that the husky, greasy guy in the wife-beater filling up his gas-guzzler can hear me (and hopefully not kill me).

Please don’t run me over if you see me.

Dave on scooter.

Did I mention Tina is also working on getting her motorcycle license? I wonder if anybody will care about the carseat strapped to the back…

Tina & Bridget on Scooter

Please don’t run Tina over, either.


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  • Mother of the Wild Boys

    Hey, if you’re going to drive a scooter, I’m thinking a bright green one is a good idea…easier to spot you on the road so you don’t get run over. I would be too chicken to drive a scooter or motorcycle, there are too many Idaho drivers around here. :razz:

  • Amber

    hmmm….that’s starting to sound like a great idea! I think Chris and I should look into that possibility. Anything to save on gas! I personally like the green – but considering that I’m a woman I’m not sure if that really helps.

  • Sandra

    With all the trips you’ll be making up to campus soon I can see how it was a wise investment. Don’t worry I’ll only laugh at you when your not looking he he :) j/k

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