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Pressure Washer Injury

April 16th, 2008 · 19 Comments · a day in the life, dave, tina

I mentioned yesterday that I stuck my hand into the stream from the pressure washer. Yea, I was dumb.

I had dirt on my hands from gardening and noticed that it was coming off on the mini-blinds as we were cleaning them. I thought that if I stuck my hand in the mist area at the edge I’d be alright. . . thats not how it worked out. It was all pretty instinctual, I wasn’t really thinking.

It only took about 2 seconds. When it first hit my hand it stung a little. Then it didn’t hurt at all. Ten minutes in it was burning. Now it only really hurts when I wash my hands.

Anyway, take a look.

This is what the pressure washer does to the cement:

This is what it does to flesh:

There are all kinds of warnings about not aiming it at people or animals. I wonder why. If that happened to the skin on my hand in just a couple of seconds imagine the damage it could do if used maliciously. That thing is a regular weapon.

Be careful. Don’t be dumb like me.


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  • Sandra

    One word…OUCH!

  • Mother of the Wild Boys

    Owie, owie, owie! 😥

  • Raelynn

    OUCH… That has to hurt! Be careful next time!

  • Kellee

    I’m so sorry! That looks pretty painful.

  • Dave

    I promise, I wasn’t being malicious. She stuck her hand under the spray faster than I could even realize what was happening. 🙁

  • Emily

    Ouch! Thanks for the warning; I could see myself doing something like that.

  • dan harris

    Hello. I feel your pain – though would like to ask a favor. We are a manufacturer of pressure washers and I am working on a new video this week, and wanted to know if I could include one of your pictures of your hand in the video with a small warning “don’t do this”.

    We have 11 Pumpkins (er…human analogs) that will stand in for your hand during this video.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Dan Harris
    Marketing Manager
    The FNA Group.

  • ambie18

    Pressure washers are SUPER dangerous. I work at a place where we wash livestock trailers and one of them wasn’t working. When I tried it the first time there was almost no pressure but when I pulled the trigger a few seconds later it was at full pressure and I almost blew my head off. I cut myself below my eye and injected water and air into my face. That was five days ago and now I have a black eye, bruised face and eyeball, blurry vision and a hard spot on my cheek where there’s still water under the skin. Be careful!

  • Luckey

    I did the same thing at our local car wash except my injury was to the left hand.

    I’ve heard people say, their children are so dirty, they are going to have to take them to the car wash, and can only imagine what this would have done to a child’s tender skin.

    They should post warning signs. BIG ONES!

  • kris

    wow thats bad but you know what? i did the same thing at work my arm was dirty so i decided to wash it off and it was a second and i had the same feeling

  • Allen

    I’ve had something like that happend to me befor. I work in the Oil Field I’ve been shot in the foot i was out for 3 weeks and weeks latter I shot my finger. both incidincies a 3000 psi pressure washer.

  • Raidersfan

    hey allen i shot myself in the thumb part of my palm on the right hand and it went though 1 layer of skin n i can see the next layer do i need to see a doctor about this or can it just heal?

  • ACME Powerwash

    Ouch! We have seen a few of those in our 16 years in business… some of your readers may find this article beneficial about how to avoid these kind of injuries and some other common pressure washing injuries:

  • adam

    My wife’s hand was gashed and sliced

  • adam

    This only means the wifes should let us men do our job she stuck her hand in front of the sprayer

  • Alondra

    Hello i’m Adam’s wife and i did not put my hand in front of the machine, he sprayed my hand will i was holding my kid’s play house. thank u baby :'(

  • ngt

    Female using gas powered 2700 PSI pressure washer. I simply went to change direction when the tip brushed accross my right outer shin cutting a three inch V shaped gash with a very deep hole that forced paint chips and moldy water into. A trip to the ER with major blood loss, clean out of the hole (fun) and stitches to close……now on pain meds and antibotics for infection, iceing and elevation. My deck is a bloody mess.

  • ME2

    I got my toes with the pressure washer last week and it tore off part of my big toe nail and skinned it to the bone on my pointer toe and big toe. =(

  • Sunnie

    I was at work powerwashing some turf and the hose was against my leg… it had been worn through and it ruptured and water sprayed against my leg. It felt like I had been shot. Always inspect the equipment before you use it.

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