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Vocabulary Lesson

April 21st, 2008 · 5 Comments · bridget, family

Bridget has a few words in her vocabulary that are very much made up. . . and we aren’t really certain what they all mean. I am going to write a few of the words here and a few examples of how she uses them. Since I can barely pronounce them, and I certainly can’t spell them, I’ll write them somewhat phonetically. If you have any guesses to what she might be talking about, please let me know.

“That’s my who-de-da-ta-da”
“Its not your who-de-da-ta-da. Its my who-de-da-ta-da”
(She is usually referencing a toy or other object that she wants possession of)

“I can’t find my com-scription.”
“Mom, where is my com-scription?”
(When questioned, I was told that it was pink and small. Not much help.)

Pwen (Pa-when)
“No, that’s pwen”
“Don’t touch it, its pwen”
“Don’t want mom’s potty. Its pwen”
“I don’t want to. Its pwen.”
(My best guess is ‘bad’ – but where did she get that word?)


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  • Amber Meadows

    That’s definitely cute, although I have no idea what she means! Sorry I’m not much help :)

  • Sandra

    Ahh… the lovely language of toddlers.

  • Jared

    Due to lack of examples, I have no clue how to properly use “comscription” (and it sounds like you guys probably don’t either), but I’m going to do my best to work “Whodedatada” and “P’wen” into my daily speech. They could catch on!! …Will Smith came up with (or at least popularized) “jiggy” and Homer Simpson came up with “d’oh”, BOTH of which have been officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary in recent years!

  • Hilarie

    This is too funny. Unfortunately I have no idea what she is saying either. It seems like you can understand your own kids better than others but there are always some mysteries. Konnor has something that he says when he wants me to hold him and for the life of me have not been able to figure out what he is saying. (it sounds like he is saying “I farted” ) who knows…

  • Emmylou

    When I hear Comscription + pink + small, I obviously think of a prescription medicine. Only because some people who call the pharmacy come up with all kinds of variations of the word prescription and they are always describing it in the exact same way. Small and pink or white. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Love you all!

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