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April 23rd, 2008 · 3 Comments · a day in the life, bridget

Have you ever thought about how commercialized our society is? I am always hearing about this commercial or that ad. We have the basic cable package, but only because having it makes our high speed internet a couple dollars a month cheaper. We almost never watch it. In fact it is not uncommon for the coaxial to remain unplugged most of the year. The point is that despite not watching much television I am still somehow aware of a good deal of what’s out there.

And so is Bridget. Which honestly is amazing to me. She knows who Spongebob, Dora, and Spiderman are – to name a few – yet none of these she’s seen on television. I’m sure she has friends that have seen these things and have the dolls or action figures. But the fact that she picks up on them and remembers them is amazing to me. She’s only 2. We can be out somewhere like Wal-Mart and she’ll see a toy with one of these characters on it and get really excited. . . and she has to have it. Most often it is with Dora/Diego items. I just have to look at her and say “But you don’t even know who Dora is.” But I guess she kind of does.

Sorry about the ramblings. . . She just came to me yesterday and said look, its spongebob – pointing to the graphic of a face in a square that was on the side of a box in our house. It wasn’t. But I guess it was close enough. Needless to say I’ve had it on my mind since then.

Do you all notice this commercialization that I am referring too in your kids? I didn’t think I’d have to even think about this stuff until she started school.


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  • Sandra

    Danika is into Hannah Montana right now, she has only watched the show maybe once. One glance is all it takes. I let them watch Saturday Morning Cartoons and if you want a bunch of commercialization thats where it is! I think they have as much fun watching the commercials as the shows.

  • Kellee

    Oh yes! We don’t have cable or satellite but that doesn’t stop my kids from keeping up on the latest. The neighborhood kids keep them up to date. Savannah has never seen Hannah Montana, but because her friends like her and she’s seen a few posters, cards, etc, she loves her too!

  • Amber

    I think commercialization is just as bad for adults as it is for kids. I am surprised though at the commercials out there that are geared towards kids. It’s no wonder they think they have to have the latest and greatest of everything.

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