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I need your help!

May 29th, 2008 · 7 Comments · a day in the life, random

Tina here. With Dave in school and having such a crazy schedule, you guys get me back for the summer. Fun for all of you.

My first blog post in awhile should be a little more exciting than begging for your help. . . please don’t hate me.

The past little while a good portion of my time has been focused on preparing our house to sell, and finding ways of marketing it. Many of you know we’ve been trying to sell our home so we can build. We’ve been flying “by owner” so far, and in the 6+ weeks its been for sale the interest has been mild. The past couple of days I’ve spent trying to find new ways of marketing the house without breaking the bank. I met with a Realtor on Tuesday, but didn’t want to increase the sales price of my home by a couple of grand so I could pretend to be able to afford her commission. But there is the exposure benefit that the MLS provides.

I did find a website that will do a flat fee MLS listing for $349. But, do the pros outweigh the cons?

To MLS or not to MLS? – That is the question.

PROS – More people will see the ad. More exposure usually means more calls, and hopefully more walk-through’s and a sale. Realtor’s across the state will know about our home and be able to offer it to their clients.

CONS – If a buyer comes in with an agent (even through the flat fee listing) I would still be obligated to pay the buyers agent a commission of 2-3%. Buyers agents are advocates for the buyer and will probably try to talk me down in price in addition to taking their fat commission. My brother (Realtor in another area) says that a lot of agents won’t show a home that’s only offering 2% if they can avoid it. He thinks I should try to offer 3%.

So, as of today, I have not gotten an MLS listing, but I am still considering it. What do you think I should do???
…we are anxious to build, and really don’t want to be sitting on this house for a long time.


Ok, one more question.
In my effort to find other creative ways of marketing our house, I decided to start. . . a blog! Don’t laugh. If blogs work for individuals and small businesses, why wouldn’t they work for home owners too? In any case, its worth a try. Here it is:

So the question… will you help me advertise. Please. Pretty Please.
I need a little blog spamming action. If you will all post a little blurb about my house on your blogs and a link to the house blog (above), and if some of your friends did… oh gosh… I sound like one of these silly e-mail forwards or chain letters… I promise, there is no curse involved. Anyway, I am just hoping for a little house blog exposure here. If you are willing I sure would love it… and when we finally build we can all celebrate with a dinner party. What do you say? Will you help me?

Here is a nice little picture you can blog-lift too…

Can you tell this is stressing me out just a little bit? I know it shouldn’t be.

Sorry for all my pathetic begging.


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  • Michelle

    Done…I am not sure how much help my blog will be…but you never know. I think your blog is a great idea. You should put all sorts of labels on your posts to attract more google searches. Good luck. Oh yeah, welcome back to the blogging world. Did you have a nice break?

  • Mother of the Wild Boys

    I just posted it…like Michelle said, who knows? Maybe one of my readers will want to buy it. :)

  • Tayli Nelson

    I think you should use MLS. I like your house, we’ll buy it.

  • Tina

    Thanks ladies! I appreciate your help.

    Tayli – If you want to buy our house, its yours. Come on over. :)

  • Kellee

    Have you checked into Fidelity Realty? It’s a flat rate company that will get your house on MLS and you still have control like a “For Sale by Owner”. My brother in NC sold 2 properties that way and saved a lot of money.

    How much are you selling it for? Joe’s brother is looking for something!

  • Sandra

    I checked out the new blog and Tina I was blown away with how clean your house was for the pictures he he just kidding. Its understandable that your anxious to get it sold. I’m sure I would be the same way. Good luck.

  • Raelynn

    Wow lots to comment on! I was away from the blogging world for sometime now!! Great to be back…
    But i think MLS is a good idea. Good luck with selling your house!
    Your daugther is Beautiful with the helmet on, on the father daughter (i mean father son thing), and her talking about the gummie bear thing!! Too cute!
    Oh yea good luck to both of you on the school stuff and study hard!
    Dave you are doing a great job blogging! And Tina thanks for letting him…hahaha
    I think i got it all in one post!
    Oh wait the hike without a flash light was funny! Times like that are fun when you look back at it! But at the time it’s not that fun but kinda is.. Funny thing we do for fun!

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