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January 11th, 2009 · 6 Comments · a day in the life, bridget, family, random

Last night Bridget had an accident at a friends house.

When we got home (around 8:30) I made her go straight to bed. Not 20 minutes later she was complaining that her tummy hurt. She asked me to rub Vicks on her tummy – she was convinced it would work. A few minutes later she asked for a drink and a cracker…

I thought it was all an excuse to not be in bed. I told her no.

Another 20 minutes went by and she was still complaining. This time tossing and turning too. I traded her 2 polly pockets for 2 crackers… wanted to see just how sick she felt – just how badly she wanted those crackers. She gave up the polly pockets.

She was still complained that her tummy hurt. She told me that she was going to say a prayer to make it better. She did. When that didn’t immediately work she asked me to call daddy to give her a blessing. I did.

I was starting to wonder if maybe her tummy really did hurt. If it was more than an excuse.

Next thing I know, she needed to go potty… Diarrhea. So then I felt bad getting after her for having an accident. And for making her trade toys for food. *Sigh*

She came to lay on my bed and I rubbed her back while we waited for daddy to come home and give her that blessing. Just as we heard daddy open the door she began to vomit. Lots. And it was all over OUR bed. I was holding Spencer… I jumped up. Yelled for Dave to hurry. But it was all too late to save our sheets. There was evidence of peanut butter sandwiches, and sliced peaches all over the place. It was not fun. We laid the baby down and I tackled the cleaning of Bridget and Dave got sheet duty.

Its now about 11:00 p.m.

Dave turned on the fan and opened the window in our room to get rid of the smell.

Bridget still wanted a blessing, so we took her out to the hall and had her sit on a chair. Half way through she began vomiting again. All over her clean jammies and her clean body. And all over the carpet. Back to the tub she went, and out came the carpet shampooer.

A little bread and Sprite later she said she was feeling better and we sent her to bed.

No more vomit in the night, thank goodness. Though we did send her to bed with a plastic bowl, just in case.

Between her and Spencer taking turns waking in the night, none of us got any real sleep. She woke up with a fever around 6:00 this morning. But she’s acted fine since. No church for any of us though. She’s napping now… thankfully.

I hope its over. I hope she feels better. I hope Spencer doesn’t get it. I hope none of us do. Wish us luck!


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  • Dustin Dibble

    “Y’all, It was at that point in my life, when I decided that they should make an alarm clock that sounds like a baby barfing–cause THERE IS NO SNOOZIN’. BLUGGGHRRHRHR–AHHHH! I’m UP! I’m UP! Is it on me, Is it on me!? I could be standing at work in my underwear ‘ Let’s go people, there’s no vomit on me today.'”
    — Bill Engvall

  • Ellen

    Good luck! It is no fun having a sick kid. Especially since we don’t know when they are going to puke or how yucky they feel. It is so sad to watch their little bodies go through so much. Poor little girl. I hope she feels better soon.

  • Sandra

    How could I not check out a post with the title of Vomit he he. I’m sorry to hear that Bridget isn’t feeling well. I hope she is over her fever and she didn’t throw up anymore. Double hope that Spencer doesn’t catch it, although I had heard (who knows if this is correct or not, I’d like to think it is though) that babies can’t get the stomach flu because things go through their system so fast that it doesn’t have time to stick around.

  • carrie

    SAD! I hope she is feeling better! We had a great time as well! Thank you Bridget for letting Nyah play with your toys. :) In answer to your question…Derek got me an HD video camera and a video Ipod.

  • Jared

    I read this post with such an odd mix of amusement and horror. As I got to the second bout of vomiting in spite of feeling bad for her and you guys, I just couldn’t help but laugh. It all seems like something that would happen in a sitcom.

  • Tina

    Just a few comments…
    First the alarm clock. Ha, Scary! I think that would be the quickest way to loose all sanity as a parent. Kiss all sleep goodbye. I will admit the quote is funny though.
    Second, I’ve never heard that babies can’t get the stomach flu, but here’s to hoping.
    Finally, Jared, …sometimes I feel like our lives are a sitcom. Glad to have amused you (if even a little).

    Oh, and she’s feeling much better. It was, thankfully, very short lived.

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