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Do you know what we did this summer?

November 7th, 2009 · 9 Comments · a day in the life, bridget, dave, domestic attempts, family, high school, random, siblings, spencer, tina

Its no secret that I am further behind on my blogging than I have ever been before. The thought of catching up one post at a time was quite daunting, and just pretending like the last several months never happened (and not blogging about them at all) didn’t seem right either.

So, I went through my pictures… Everything from late May through the end of September. And came up with 72 images representing much of what we did this summer.

Yes, seventy-two.

So, I’ve chosen to throw it all at you in one giant lump! Be prepared for one overwhelming post. After this blog post I will only be one month behind schedule.

Here we go…

This summer we did lots of fun things,

We played in shaving cream. And made a huge mess.

Did you know that shaving cream makes an excellent canvas for practicing letters.

We went hiking and geocaching on the Shoreline Trail.

Attended the 24th of July parade.

Where we collected lots of candy,

saw some pretty cool floats,

and took an occasional break on some lawn chairs.

We managed to bathe from time to time.

We even played together and laughed.

We spent a lot of time outside with friends, playing playdoh.

We attended my 10-year High School Reunion. (Man, I’m old)

Bridget took swimming lessons at the Aquatic center.

She did a pretty good job listing to the instructions.

And got pretty brave about jumping in.

We were pretty proud of her.

This summer we moved into our apartment… and had to find some creative ways to keep Spencer entertained.

Bridget got a cute new Sunday dress, and very willingly modeled it.

We spent all of 5 minutes at the Cache County Fair one day after swimming lessons. While we were there we found this carriage – surely it must belong to Cinderella.

We had many a happy morning.

Had a tea party outside.

Played on the soft play at the mall.

Ate lots and lots of Popsicles – and even shared a few.


and painted some more.

Daddy went on an all day hiking/geocaching expedition with his friend, Craig, and found this fun tree.

This was the view from their hike.

Spencer learned to crawl. He’s quite a mover now.

We went to the Treehouse museum, where we pretended to be teachers,

ate at a Japanese restaurant,

rode a wild bull,

built some stuff,

and drove the fire truck. It was a busy day.

We did even more geocaching – a popular activity for us especially at the beginning of the summer.

And found some nifty treasure.

We went camping. Bridget set up the tent herself (kidding).

We climbed a tree while we were there,

made some new friends,

practiced a little Croquet,

ate some yummy food,

and woke up happy and ready to play!

We pretended to be doctors, listening for heartbeats,

and taking blood pressures.

Uncle Ken and aunt Marci came to visit with their family. This is a picture of Ken with Spencer and two of his cousins.

We took some pictures of the kids for grandma Ernstrom’s birthday.

Spencer wore this studly little suit,

and Bridget her cute new dress.

We did lots of art projects this summer.

We taught Spencer how to play “fingers,”

and got creative when it came to needing a little space of our own.

Spencer got some teeth (two on the bottom) and spent time eating things like teething cookies and Popsicles to help with the pain.

Our super stylish Bridget was also super good and helping me cook,

and clean up afterward.

We attended an orientation at Bridget’s new preschool,

where we met some of Bridget’s wonderful teachers.

We played in the pool at our complex quite a bit.

Often with friends.

After a short time in the water, Spencer always seemed to get a little sleepy and want to cuddle.

On September 1st, Bridget left for her first day of preschool.

We played at grandma’s house a couple of times this summer too, even tired on her glasses.

Bridget got inked at the Treehouse Museum’s “Pirate Party” on Labor Day.

Aunt Jenna came with us.

Check out her pirate hat. Its says “Bridget Pirate” if you can’t read it.

There were even sword fights involved.

Spencer showed off on the corn popper and finally got to feel like one of the big kids on a “bike.”

We sold our house, but you already knew that.

We played in the rain

with friends.

And got super wet. But it was fun!

We even got in trouble every now and then, and lost some privileges.

We went hunting for the perfect piece of land on which to build our house. We took many a drive and ended up all over this valley. We finally settled on some land in Cove (at the location in the photo).

We played a lot with friends.

And painted (did I already mention that we painted?)

And at the end of September we got together with my family for my sister’s baby shower!

So there you have it. A summer synopsis. Whew!
Now you know what we did this summer. What did you do?


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  • Sandra

    WOW what a post!!! Yaaaa for getting it done though. Can I just say I’m glad you did one liners for the photos or that would have taken forever. LOL on Bridget writing on herself. We need to call and talk more often. Ohhh.. I think a girls night out would be fun!! Or maybe an early morning retreat, I’m craving donuts he he :)

  • Mother of the Wild Boys

    Oooh, I’m so glad to see you back to posting! I loved all the pictures. :)

  • Kara

    I was excited to see a new post from you! It looks like you had a fun summer!

  • Mandee

    Nice post!! WOW! You had a busy, busy summer! Too cute!

  • Patty

    Hey Tina! I loved that post! Your kids are so dang cute. Haili has been asking where Bridget went! We really need to get together. We’re letting Haili play with just one friend a week (our long RSV season has begun!) but if you’ll just let me know when you want to get together – then we’ll make plans! I’d also love to see your lot in Cove sometime – and your house plans.

  • Jacqueline

    What cute kids you have ! I sure got a kick out of Bridget the last time I saw you. I’m sure Spencer and Gavin could find all sorts of trouble to get into… congrats on your lot. Building is fun and a pain all in one.

  • Tina

    Thanks everyone. It does feel good to not be so far behind – now I just need to keep up :)

    Sandra, a girls night/morning, sounds fun! An early morning trip to Village Inn or something would be good too. Do they have donuts?

    Patty, we do need to get together. I’ll call you.

    Jacqueline, I keep looking at those pictures of Gavin on your blog and thinking how big they’ve both gotten – I bet they would have a great time terrorizing the house together. :) I miss having you close.

  • Michelle Johnnie

    Darling photos! You have two very cute models!!!

  • Raelynn

    You have a DARLING family!! glad things are going great!!

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