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January 24th, 2010 · 4 Comments · a day in the life, bridget, dave, family, food, siblings, spencer, tina

The highlights from November include Bridget’s 4th birthday and Thanksgiving.

For months, Dave had been teasing Bridget that we would be skipping her birthday and that she would have to stay 3 years old for another year. Her reactions varied from day to day. Either she knew he was kidding, or she was sincerely devastated. The night before her birthday he finally gave in and told her that she could have a birthday as long as she promised that she would continue to love him and give him hugs and kisses. She agreed.

On the morning of her birthday we (Dave and I) surprised her with a collection of Wizard of Oz stuff. She’s border line obsessed with the movie.

My sister (and super seamstress) sewed this dress for her. It turned out amazing! The outfit was completed with a pair of “ruby slippers” from Wal-Mart. Bridget wore this outfit for every possible second for the first couple of weeks. She still wears it often. She wore it so much in fact that within the first week she’d already ripped a seam – that my mom helped us repair over Thanksgiving.

She also got a set of 8 Wizard of Oz Pez Dispensers and the Wizard of Oz DVD. (Yes, she still collects PEZ).
She likes to watch the movie, while wearing her dress, and holding the pez dispensers. Sometimes she’ll fill them with Candy and eat one when she sees the respective character on the screen.

I made this princess castle cake for the princess-themed surprise birthday party we were planning later that afternoon.
Not my favorite cake… I wish I’d taken the time to use fondant on the castle.

While I setup for the surprise party, Dave took Bridget on a daddy-daughter date to the bowling alley.

When they got back, a bunch of her friends were there ready to yell, “SURPRISE” – Okay, actually, most of them had never been to a surprise party and stood there utterly confused. It was pretty funny!

A new princess dress awaited her arrival. She was thrilled.

The kids made tiaras…

and beaded necklaces…

There were princess party favors.

And cake, of course. The castle cones were by far the favorite.

And gifts.

She hugged most of her friends, but then she did this…

I had to include this kissing picture because of another kissing picture, this one, from August 2007 (yes, its the same boy).

Well, that about sums up her Birthday. I think she had a great time – and I think she was adequately surprised by the party.
The only problem now is that she’s already trying to make plans and ask for things for her “5 year old birthday” – funny kid! Love her though.


We spent Thanksgiving at my parents’ house. It was a small bit of chaos with my six siblings, their spouses and children. But we had a fun time enjoying each others company and gorging on super yummy food. Here are a few glimpses of that day…

7 grand kids…
As I took this picture I was imagining when there’s 10 – we could do some sort of ‘bears in the bed’ themed picture. Ha. I’m crazy, I know.

Every year, the day after Thanksgiving, we have a tradition of helping Grandma Harmer setup her Christmas village. She has over 60 houses! This year, however, she’s been in pretty poor health and didn’t want us to set it up. We convinced her to let us just setup a sampling – figuring she’d be sad to not see it setup at all this year. This is what the final result looked like. Its a fraction of the size of her typical village, but it was good to see it setup, and I think she was glad to see it happen too.

And there you have it… November 2009.


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  • Mother of the Wild Boys

    What a pretty princess Bridget is!

  • Sandra

    How fun! I love that picture of her Kissing him. His face in it is priceless! Sounds like your Thanksgiving was great!

  • Kara

    Looks like a fun party! Brooklyn had the same Sleeping Beauty on her cake this year! She loved her birthday but it is so close to Christmas…instead of asking for things for her birthday next year she tells us (every night, without fail) what she wants Santa to bring her. Kids are too funny! Thanks for the info on Disneyland BTW! Hopefully we can go sometime in the near future.

  • Raelynn

    you have CUTE kids!

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