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College Life Timeline

August 1st, 2008 · 3 Comments · college life, the funniest people we know, the hottest girls at USU, tina

My recent visit with old friends from my college days made me realize that there are gaps in my memory – or more specifically the chronology of events over the course of the years. I was reminded of tons of things we did together – and where my memories failed me others’ memories filled in. In effort to not forget even more, I’ve decided to write a chronology of events (and other college memories).

I’ll do the best I can to make this accurate, and as I write more detailed posts about any given activity or event I’ll make a point to come back here and link to them.

Wish me luck! And welcome to the journey I called college.

1999-2000: Moen Hall (On-campus living)

  • Roommates: Jacqueline, Caroline, Beth, Lindsey, & Kate
  • Sean Sweeny – “Campus Manager”
  • JAPS
  • Patty, Stephanie, Tad – Upstairs Moen Gang
  • Kate & the abusive boyfriend
  • Beth & the stalker
  • Sororities, sex, and drugs

Summer 2000: Back Home

  • Working: Macey’s & Iomega

2000-2001: Cobble Creek 54

Summer 2001: Old Farm R2

  • Roommates: Jacqueline, Amanda, Michelle, and Marci
  • R2 @ Malibu
  • Brigham City Boys (The BCB)

2001-2002: The Cube, a.k.a “Skankies”

  • Roommates: Jacqueline, Amanda, Michelle, & Carrie
  • The Hidden room (and the history of Skankies)
  • The Ghost
  • 9/11
  • HOWL, Sailors
  • Fall Roommate pictures with Emmylou
  • Amanda Engaged/Married

Summer 2002: The Cube, a.k.a “Skankies”

  • Roommates: Jacqueline, Amanda, Michelle, & Carrie
  • More music videos
  • Jacqueline Engaged/Married

2002-2003: Bridgerland Apartments 57

  • Roommates: Kari, Erin, & Katie
  • $1 Airfare – Day trip to California!
  • Poster board windows
  • Strange gifts
  • The year of Pranks: Ropes, Subway, GPA, Car Lot, etc…
  • Jack
  • The perpetrator list
  • Archway of balloons
  • Music Videos
  • NP
  • Spring Break in Paris

Summer 2003: Garden Court

  • Roommates: Kari, Britney, Kristy, Bryn, & Tiffany
  • Pudding Pow-wow
  • Popcorn
  • Crazy WestHost summer
  • Tina Turner Video
  • More Music Videos
  • The Canadian
  • Britney’s Sunday School Lesson
  • Drug dealers & a broken guitar

2003-2004: Vance’s House

  • Roommates: Kari, Erin, & Loretta
  • Product Interviews
  • International Dinners
  • Indians on a Motorcycle
  • Death Mask meets Jell-o mold
  • The Hussie
  • Breaking and entering
  • The case of the missing kitchen
  • NCC – Non-committal cuddle
  • Tractor Sexy Music Video
  • Kari’s soap business

Summer 2004: Brentwood

  • Roommates: Kari, & mystery girl (she was never there)
  • Practicum
  • Dating Dave/Engaged
  • Washington D.C. to visit Erin
  • Graduated
  • Hand massages
  • Interesting neighbors

2004-2005: Bridgerland 58/Married

  • Roommates: Kari, Risa, & Randa
  • Kari gets hit by a car
  • Wedding Prep./Wedding

If one of these sounds more interesting to you than another, leave me a comment, and I’ll be sure to write about it sooner. Boy, do I have some crazy stories to tell!


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  • Sandra

    It’s kinda fun to see how your roommates changed and dwindled down to a few. I also had a question…what were you doing with Sororities, sex, and drugs your first year in college young lady!

  • Tina

    Ha! I thought that one might catch someones attention. You’ll just have to wait and see… I’ll do a blog post about it in the next week or so.

  • Dave

    You left out “eyeball massages.”

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