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The evolution of man (in art)

March 3rd, 2010 · 2 Comments · bridget

Its been awhile since I’ve posted pictures of Bridget’s drawings… but I must say, her people drawing skills have evolved quite a bit over the last year or two.
I noticed the detail she was putting into some birthday cards she was making a couple of weeks ago, and decided it was time to show off her work again.

But first… a brief history if you will…

May 2008: Homestar Runner-esque drawings… (See for more)

July 2008: We have hair! And noses! (See for more)

August 2008: Family Portrait (See for more)

And now… Jan/Feb 2010…

Skin color, pig tails, shirts, finger/toes/shoes, birthday hats, and balloons. The girl in the first drawing even has whites to her eyes.

Its amazing how much more detail goes into her art when she really wants to. This girl of mine really loves to write and draw and spell. She is seriously a sponge for learning.
Incidentally, she told me the other day that she really wants to be an artist, but that she doesn’t know how. I told her that I think that she is already an artist.

Anyway, thanks for humoring me as I show off on my daughters behalf.


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